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From technical reports, and dense manuals, to mind-bending research papers, Veritus has you covered. Get one-click summaries, ask questions, explore new concepts, verify sources, and simplify with real-world examples.


How does Veritus work?

Veritus uses natural language processing and semantic analysis to understand and interpret complex scientific papers. It provides answers, follow-up queries, and simplified explanations by extracting relevant information from the papers.

How reliable/accurate is Veritus?

Veritus is built by researchers, for researchers. We prioritize customer trust - You receive accurate and reliable insights. While we strive for 100% accuracy, the responses depend on the quality of the information in the document. We encourage you to verify the sources of responses with just one click! If Veritus can not find the information in the document, it will tell you.

What types of questions can I ask on Veritus?

You can get started with a one-click summary. Then go wide by typing questions into the chat interface. Or dig deep and experience layered learning with one-click follow-up suggestions. From clarifying complex concepts to seeking explanations on Figures and Tables, Vertius will help. Your query is our command!

Is my data secure on Veritus?

Veritus takes your privacy and data security seriously. Your data is stored securely, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only. We adhere to strict privacy policies and comply with relevant regulations to protect your information.

Is Veritus suitable for researchers at all levels?

Veritus is a user-friendly research companion for students and professionals alike. Whether you're new to research or an experienced scientist, Veritus simplifies scientific papers for you. With Veritus, every researcher turns hours of complexity into moments of clarity.

What if I need assistance while using Veritus?

Have a question or two? Shoot it our way. Stumbled upon a snag? Give us a holler. Just feeling chatty? Ping us! Every bit of feedback you provide helps us level up, so let's talk at

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